Thai Trip Update #5

On Friday the TPS team finished the conference, which was the chief work of this trip. Tim sent a brief email Friday night, saying he has much to tell me, but time was short, and that was likely the last time they will have email availability until they are home.

Saturday they left Chiang Mai for Chiang Dao, about 50 miles north, where they have been staying in some "mountain bungalows". In Chiang Dao they were to be involved with a community service project and are scheduled for some type of ministry in the local elementary school on Monday. (Which it is now for them, though it is still Sunday evening here.) After that, they will return to Bangkok in preparation for the 30+ hour return trip, which will take place entirely on Tuesday, Feb. 13, due to time zone changes.

The children are running a bit ragged after ten days without Daddy, and we are all in high anticipation of Tim’s and Kristen’s return in the wee hours of Wednesday. This weekend, though, was a good one, with visits from Kara and two of her sweet roommates, Andrew, and a young man from church who came to spend time with the boys on Saturday.


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