Thai Trip Update #4

Good evening dear one,

I want to take advantage of the computers while I have them. After the conference (tomorrow night) I will not likely have access.

I am getting to know the kids a little. They are great. Several I would like to pack up and bring home. One named Luke, a 16 yr old, Canadian red head is a wonder. A natural leader, godly, respectful, full of fun. I spoke to his parents. Great family. Several kids from ________, fleeing the cold for a little. Most are real HS kids, talking LOTR ad nauseum :). It is a joy to serve them. Another collision to the fields today but less damage. The injured was out in 10 15 min.

I talked to the drummer again. He said to ask prayer for Thomas and Joshua. Two guys not just one. One is still in prison, the other in house arrest recovering from his beatings. They are trying to get into an area many have tried and failed to get in. I love his fighting spirit.

It is such a privilege to be here.
Love you so much,


NOTE: Later Tim asked the drummer if I could/should post this prayer request, and he said yes, that he is grateful for any prayer.

Hi Amanda!

Thanks for writing me. I bet you did a good job on limbo.

Thailand is nice and warm. It is sunny but always hazy - the humidity + the air pollution. The people are friendly and smile a lot. The food is really good. Kind of like Chinese, with lots of vegetables and good fresh fruit. Most of our time is spent with the people @ the conference.

Kristen is helping take care of the 9 yr old children.

I am looking forward to getting home too. I miss all of you. It may be harder as the trip goes on, you will have to learn longsuffering. Please keep helping Mommy and your brothers and sisters.



Kris said…
Luke is a lot of fun. We went to the night market with him and his sister (Bethany who is part of the team) and they are wonders at getting good prices. It really helps to have people who speak Thai. They are so much fun to have around. =)
Our drummer is an amazing guy. I wish you could meet him. His little daughter (who is 7) has already led so many people to Christ. Their family is so much fun and they are so sweet. Love you,

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