Thai Trip Update #3

Tim sent this note this morning, following the first full day of the conference.

Hi dearest one,

Notes from the 1st day of the conference.

Cried during worship, being w/ those who are going to the ends of the earth.

Hung with the youth in their programs, read the Garrison Keillor part in a script to start a writing project.

Had lunch and took the kids to the fields at a Christian school to play. Tried to get everyone playing. Held ice on the leg of a girl who ran into another girl (not seriously hurt)

Tried to work out the return time with the younger class teachers (even with the compromise we got back 1/2 hr early. the weather was nice not too hot but the bus was on the return. Hung w the hurt girl till her mom came and explained what happened.

Showered, had KFC for dinner. We have a worship service in a few min. The drummer in the band is living in _____, of the race of heroes. Man...

Tomorrow is more of the same. The kids are great; you can’t help but love them.

Talked to the German / American couple before dinner about home schooling; wished I could have encouraged them more. I am surrounded by heroes.

I am glad we are 1/2 though the nights. I will sleep better with you. Hope the snow isn't a too much of a problem.

I love you so much.


And then later today (already tomorrow there) Tim sent a note which included this:

We met w/ 2 women who talked about work with the _____(tribe) in _____ and on the border. Interesting - a very persecuted people. The drummer told of his translator who had been brought in for beating a 2nd time while we're @ conference. They had taken the translator's laptop and got information. Real life church.

We will be doing a parents' night out tonight. For many it will be the 1st date since last year.

Kr.'s face is much better. she thinks it was food. IDK but she is using benadryll @ night and is improving.

I need to do breakfast and get to a team meeting.


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