Thai Trip Update #2

Here's a note Tim sent to us today about what he did on Tuesday.

Hi my love,

Well we did pre-conference childcare today. Held lots of drooling babies, tried to comfort kids who had never been away from mom. 5 hrs.

Tomorrow I will be w/ teens. Corporate worship, teen talks, lunch, group games @ a field a bus ride away.

Families are coming in mass; the computers are filled, people from all over. Talked to a couple (German/ American) living in ________.

You can see mts. through the haze. It is pretty in its own way. The plants are tropical but if not tended, not that nice. But there are lots of beautifully tended gardens.

At restaurants, craft shops, any place touristy, people "speak English" sort of, but they try and I don't even attempt Thai, to my shame.

Kristen has some allergic reaction. Her face got kind of swollen up, red itchy eyes, runny nose. She took a non-drowsy antihistamine and a shower and looks better.

Speeds are way down now. and its almost time for the banquet to start.

Love you.

Tim / Dad


Hind's Feet said…
How awesome that he can still write to you and have it arrive so quickly. When I think back to the missionaries of previous centuries I realize how very much they were separated from all eithers for even a word of encouragment, let alone the help of a plane ride....
Anne said…
It is amazing how e-mail and the Internet have changed communications! When David calls from Zambia he calls through his computer. Compare that to weeks, or months for letters to arrive. Not only that, but in past times many missionaries set out for their new land fully expecting that they might never see their loved ones or their homeland again. We are so glad for airplanes and furloughs!

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