Children, Obey Your Parents

Here are a couple of things that we use as we teach our children obedience.

1. If-Then Chart

Over the years, we’ve purchased a number of parenting helps from the folks at . All have been excellent. This simple poster is a great help in being consistent in discipline. Here’s how it works:

When your child misbehaves you walk to where you have posted the chart and look for the misbehavior. All the usual things are there – complaining, name calling, defiance, arguing, teasing, and so on. Next to the behavior is a Bible verse related to that sin, and in the final column is the consequence. Now this chart doesn’t come totally finished – you have to color the cartoons that illustrate each behavior and you will fill in the empty final column to show what the consequences are to be. The kit comes with suggestions and cut-outs you may use as your consequences. For example, in our family, defiance merits 5 spanks, so we have cut out a picture with five wooden spoons, while ordinary disobedience means the offender will receive three swats. Arguing, complaining and whining earn additional work or loss of a privilege. Stealing items from someone means the offender will have to pay double restitution and perform some additional work.

This chart works for the benefit of both parents and child. With consequences determined ahead of time, you can calmly deal with your child’s behavior and heart, with less emotion entering into things. Your child knows ahead of time what he can expect when he behaves certain ways as well. The pictures are easy for even two and three year olds to understand. As you read the verse related to that sin, your child learns how his behavior displeases not just you, his parent, but God himself.


This is the little acronym we use to remind our children HOW they are to obey. It’s very simple:


That’s it! Usually when we ask someone to do something, and find they are not carrying out the request in a timely manner, or they are having a bit of an attitude problem, or they are being half-hearted, all we need say is, “QQCC!”


Jill said…
Dear Anne,
I have used the same at home and now have these words on pennants at the front of my classroom--and "neatly", as well.
They cover a lot of situations very effeciently!
Love, Jill
Anne said…
Dear Jill,

What a great idea to add "N" when applying this to schoolwork. There are certainly a number in my home who need to work on that aspect!


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