Thai Trip!

One month from tomorrow my daughter, Kristen, and husband, Tim, will set out on a journey that will take them half-way around the world. First they will fly to Washington, DC where they will be joining a team of other young people and adults who are all associated with The Potter’s School, the online school from which our older children take some classes each year. From there they will travel to Chiang Mai, Thailand, where they will assist with a family discipleship and education conference for overseas faith workers from all over Asia. More than 100 families are expected to attend, most of whom homeschool their children in remote locations. TPS will be providing the primary teaching for both adults and youth, much of the children’s program, and a worship ministry through a praise team. Tim will have the joy of working with teens, while Kristen will be serving anywhere she is needed.

For several reasons it is particularly sweet that this trip is to Thailand. Kristen has been interested in East Asia since at least 5th grade when she spent a year studying geography, culture, and history of the non-western world. That year she chose Thailand as her topic for her research paper. This semester Kris will be taking East Asian history as a TPS class. For Tim, the connection goes back farther. Many years ago, when we had only two children, we strongly considered serving as missionaries in Thailand. The Lord redirected our steps, sending us instead to Asheville, North Carolina to work with youth. So, I find it very sweet indeed that eighteen years later, Tim will in fact be heading to Thailand, though with the daughter who was born in North Carolina rather than with the three whom were originally going!

Here are some prayer requests for the trip:
1. Safety for Tim, Kristen, and all the others on the TPS team.
2. Stamina and endurance as they will have a jam-packed two week trip, with long travel times and little recovery time. Tim especially dreads the 20 hour flight to and from Asia.
3. That the conference would be a time of strengthening and encouragement to the attendees. Many live where there is little Christian fellowship, so this conference is a highlight of the year.
4. That I would have extra strength as I care for those at home without my dearest one and my invaluable helper, Kristen.


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