Busy Hands

Fall at our house means fires in the woodstove and more evenings with Daddy reading. He’s currently working through The Bears of Blue River (once again), that wonderful Indiana classic about backwoods boys and their bear stories. For many in my home, myself included, listening is easier if hands are also occupied. During our daily read-aloud time during school the children work on handwriting lessons or some type of simple craft. With the cooler weather, several of us have had a hankering to knit, so various projects have begun. Some, I’m sure, will end up being Christmas gifts.

Faith is a new knitter this year, and here’s a rhyme I discovered to help teach her the steps involved:

Learning to Knit Verse
(Joan Marcus)

In through the front door,
Running round the back,
Looking through the window,
Off comes Jack!

A fun project that several of the children are trying this year is making knitted ornament bells.

Christmas Ornament Bells

Needles: size 7, 8, or 9.
Regular weight yarn.
Small jingle bells

Cast on 14 stitches.
Row 1: Knit 14
Row 2: Knit 10, purl 4
Repeat these two rows 22 times for a total of 44 rows (22 ridges on one side.)
Cast off leaving a 12-inch tail. Thread the needle with the tail and catching one stitch from each side, stitch to the top and then weave the needle in and out each row to gather. Tie off tightly and add a jingle bell to the end, trim. To attach two bells together, crochet a chain about 14 inches long, drawing each end through the top of a bell and fastening inside. Tie the chained cord into a bow and drape over a tree branch. You can also bells as package decorations.


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