We Plow the Fields And Scatter

Between an early spring snowstorm and this week’s wild storm which knocked out our power for two days, we’ve had enough warm, dry weather to put out our early garden seeds and plants – broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, lettuce, and pea pods. We also planted thornless raspberry plants and two new apple trees, and are awaiting the arrival of asparagus plants in the mail.

Working the soil in the spring, pulling back the straw from the dormant strawberry patch, watching the herbs return to life, setting out baby plants, and (yes) digging in the compost pile, are such hopeful activities. In a few months my little gardens will likely be overflowing with produce, but also tangled with weeds that I should have taken more care to rid. Nonetheless, each year hope springs anew, and we start again with firm intentions.

Here’s a beautiful poem that I ran across a few weeks ago written by our pastor’s father.

(Joseph Bayly)

Lord of the compost heap
you take garbage
and turn it into
soil good soil
for seeds to root
and grow
with wildest increase
flowers to bloom
with brilliant beauty.
Take all the garbage
of my life
Lord of the compost heap
turn it into
soil good soil
and then plant seeds
to bring forth
fruit and beauty
in profusion.


Throned Afair said…
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In Jesus Name<><

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