Wegener crew (minus Paul)

This picture was taken a few weeks ago when we were at Turkey Run State Park celebrating my parents' 50th anniversary. (And, no, Paul was not the photographer, he was just camera shy.)


Rachel Pierson said…
Missing crewman:

Hi Anne, I missed Paul today in Sunday School, too. Tell him I said Hi.

Good looking crew. Love you all.

Erica said…
Nice crew and beautiful scenery.
Rebecca Nugent said…
Good to see everyone:)
Anne said…
Rachel - I missed YOU and everyone else on Sunday. (Maybe a double hug next week?) Paul, Faith, and Ben were home sick.

Yes - Turkey Run is beautiful! Cool canyons, hiking trails with ladders, beautiful inn and cabins, covered bridge, Sugar Creek. Can you tell it's one of my favorite state parks? Peter commented when we left that he didn't feel like we were in Indiana.
Kara said…
I love how there are two teddy bears and that even more came on the trip with us.

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