"Homeschoolers Rule!"

- Kristen, upon hearing about Cherryholmes, the bluegrass sensation

I don’t know if I would go as far as Kristen, but homeschoolers are sure popping up all over the place. Check out the story about the Cherryholmes family, as reported on Weekend Edition Saturday morning on NPR. Winner of the 2005 International Bluegrass Music Association “Entertainer of the Year” award, the band is composed of Mom, Pop, and their four children, aged 13-21. Mom, besides playing mandolin and designing all their costumes, homeschools the two high schoolers and the one junior high student. She’s been known to give an assignment such as, “Write a new song for us to perform.” The kids contribute vocals, fiddle, mandolin, guitar. When they needed a banjo player, Pop, a former navy SEAL, turned to the eldest daughter, Cia Leigh, now 22, and told her that was her new role. Cia also writes most of the music for the family. Pop, who has an amazing beard, plays bass and arranges music, and generally keeps the bus and family going.

And you've gotta love this description of Pop from the band's website :

JERE (POP) ...is the Father, manager, emcee , “Boss Man”, and the man with the vision for the band and for the family.

Go homeschoolers!


Ben Crum said…
a bearded navy SEAL? That's a little odd.
Anne said…
Yeah. It's been some years since he was in the Navy, but he still has the tatoos to prove it.

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