Snow Ice Cream

This morning, in anticipation of the predicted snowstorm, my children set out two large pans in the yard. Their goal was to collect clean snow to use in making snow ice cream. The weather forecasters did not disappoint, which meant that the children spent a delightful afternoon sledding and building snow forts. I on the other hand couldn’t resist pulling out my skis and taking a run down the road before the plows do their job. After dinner the kids brought in one of the overflowing pans of snow and we made the ice cream. This frozen confection makes up in charm what it lacks in culinary sophistication.

Snow Ice Cream

10-12 cups fresh snow
1 c. sugar
½ c. milk or cream
1 t. vanilla

Mix sugar, milk, and vanilla in a large bowl. Stir in ice cream. Serve immediately. Best eaten in front of fire while Dad reads Fellowship of the Ring or some other family favorite.


mrsd said…
You often mention getting exercise (biking usually). Have you always made time for that?
Anne said…
Yes, I think I'm rather compulsive about it. Exercise is at least partly responsible for the amount of sanity I still possess. Even my kids know I need some time outside and alone. Kristen often spells me at lunch or after school because she knows a happier mom is the result. "Go for a bike ride, Mom!" Recently I've been laid up with a sprained ankle followed by the flu, and I would have gone crazy had I not been so exhausted.
mom said…
Snow ice cream is one of the things my children are most looking forward to in moving back north to snow country. When they mention it--with sighs--to southern friends they are met with puzzled looks. Even after describing it, southern imaginations cannot comprehend the pleasure.
We usually grind a candy cane in the blender and substitue that for some of the sugar. Winter in a bowl!
Anne said…
Oh, Jill, that sounds so delicious! We will have to try it the next time we get snow.
I've been praying for you as you go through this period, waiting to see where the Lord will move you. I'll keep praying next week as you visit Baltimore, though I for one would be thrilled if you ended up in KY.
mom said…
David has accepted the position in Catonsville, MD. It's not as close to Indiana as I would wish to be, but we will be able to enjoy snow ice cream!

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