Blog Holiday

I’m sending the blog away for a holiday. Maybe it will return sometime after we start school in late August.

Seriously, I plan to slow the already snail’s pace at which I’m posting to concentrate on other things. In my beautiful theoretical summer schedule, I have an hour each day for writing. Most of this time was supposed to be spent on writing reviews and a family devotional, with a little time left over for blogging. But I’ve only found that magical hour about once this summer. I haven’t touched the devotional, and my editor is breathing down my back for some reviews. (No, not really. She is actually very understanding, but I do have a deadline approaching.) Real life is not as tidy as my schedule, and this summer is jam-packed with life. Kara thinks the blog will be naughty and try to sneak back early.

Speaking of vacations, in under a month our family will be somewhere in the Canadian Rockies with the extended clan. There will be 23 of us, ranging from Wild Man Ben to three septuagenarians. We’re planning on white water rafting (it is supposed to be pretty tame), visiting a glacier, canoeing on Lake Louise, and lots of hiking. We’ll end the trip with an overnight train ride to Vancouver, to the great delight of all the train lovers in the crew.

I hope all of you are enjoying the swiftly passing summer, and spending loads of time outside with your loved ones enjoying God’s handiwork. In case you have any extra time for blogging, check out GirlTalk, a blog written by a pastor’s wife and her three grown daughters. I’ve quite enjoyed the entries I’ve read, though they post faster than I can keep up with. You might especially look at the one in which one daughter explains how she announced her first pregnancy to her husband. (Dated June 29.)

See you in a few weeks!


Hind's Feet said…
Many many years ago, (I was 12 at the time) I traveled to Lake Louise during July. We were snowed out of several spots. However, the spots we did reach had an unbelievable, breathtaking beauty. There is something about pristine nature, clear air and mountain lakes! I have many fond memories of that trip (4 weeks to traverse a great number of miles) and hope that you all create your own precious memories!
mrsd said…
Have a wonderful vacation.

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