Be Anxious For Nothing

It’s funny how the Lord so often works things out differently than we expect.

This week I called the financial aid office at Purdue to find out why Kara’s scholarships were so much lower than last year. Her grades were excellent, and we still showed a family financial “need,” so we were confused. The first counselor I spoke with told me that it looked like the difference was mostly due to some inheritance money that we’d received. He said I should make a written appeal, but that I would have to do it person in West Lafayette.

Kristen agreed to babysit, and I made the trek up there alone yesterday in Andrew’s little car. That in itself was a very strange experience – six hours by myself! I quite enjoyed the time listening to praise music and a book on tape. Thankfully when I got to Lafayette/ West Lafayette Andrew’s car behaved like a good horse and took me right to where I needed to go. A sweet grad student noticed I looked sort of lost and led my to the building I needed to find.

My meeting with a counselor proved to be a disappointment, though educational. I learned that the problem was that our parental assets, largely real estate that we’ve been given minority shares of and can’t touch, disqualify us for any state grants beyond the merit ones already earned. Disappointed, but not really surprised, I headed back to the car. Unfortunately, my own feet proved not as trustworthy as Andrew’s car, and I found myself confused among all those look-alike brick buildings with a fountain and a mall every so often. It took me far longer to return to the car than it ought to have, and by the time I got there I discovered a ticket – written just 10 minutes previously – because I had stupidly not looked to see if I was in a permitted zone or not.

So – that’s the context for you to understand the rest. This morning on my email queue was a note from my mom (I hadn’t told her about this) saying that she and my dad wanted to put more money in the kids’ college funds. Later, I was (still am) stunned when my dad stopped by and told me the amounts.

I tend to be a worrier. I worry about all sorts of things, including some issues of more significance than college money. When, I wonder, will I really learn to trust? Shouldn’t I by now know that God is dependable, and though life is not smooth or ever easy, what comes from His hand is always good. Just earlier this week I was taking a walk and praying about some of the “big” concerns of my life. As so often before, I prayed through these verses in Philippians. Oh – may they seep into my soul.

Philippians 4:6, 7.
Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.


mrsd said…
'...let your requests be made known to God...'

Isn't it good to have a place to unload requests?
Hind's Feet said…
God truly is Jehovah Jirah, our provider. I have spent the year both watching in the Bible where God provides, and watching in our life where God provides. It is always unexpected. Funny thing is he doesn't drop these "miraculous " helps in our laps when we have plenty. If I want to see the Lord's hand at work, I must be willing to walk through the WHOLE process. Much as before coming to Christ one must often hit the depths to appreciated the heights.

Also, it is akin to the story of the drowning man. He calls to God to rescue him and then turns away from the rope, the boat and the helicopter. After he dies God asks why he turned away all the things He had offered to this man in answer to his prayers. It makes me wonder how often I do not recognize a gift from God because I am unwilling to thank Him in ALL things... So, although a schloraship we were led to believe was ours was not really, I am saying "thank you God" and am waiting to see what He does next. Not as if I am in control anyway!
Blessings, Kim

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