Full House

Life is lively again!

OK, it wasn’t really slow here, but having the oldest two home for (most of) the summer keeps things really hopping, which is how I like it.

Kara alone significantly increases the intensity (and the fun.) Since she arrived last Friday evening, she’s persuaded her dad and I to take her to a farm auction where we ended up coming home with six more chickens (we aren’t sure, but we think four are hens and two are roosters), and a new bunny for Kristen. Now she’s lobbying hard for a horse or a pair of ponies. Oh – she also wants to set up a pond aquarium for the little kids. We are also eating better with Kara burning off her pent-up culinary skills after not being able to cook for most of the past nine months. And it’s absolutely terrific having her help during school hours. Kara has a wonderful gift for teaching, and with no job or classes this week, she’s free to help the young ones. I shouldn’t forget to mention that in Kara I have a great bike riding partner! Next Monday Kara leaves for a three-week study abroad program to Turkey, and we will all miss her terribly.

Andrew, too, is a joy to have at home. All the younger ones adore Andrew, who sometimes acts as activity director. Just a bit ago I looked outside to see what everyone was (happily) screaming about, and saw Andrew and crew on the trampoline playing a game he invented years ago called “soccer” which bears little resemblance to the normal game by that title. The middle boys are hoping Andrew will have time to work with them on their 4-H electric and Lego projects. Tomorrow Andrew starts his summer job repairing cell phones and other electronics, but his chief goal this summer is to build a tube amp. The schematic alone gives me the willies. (My least favorite class in college was an electronics lab. All the boys in my class loved it, but I faked my way through that class.)

When I had only young children I sometimes wondered what it would be like when they were older. I totally love babies and toddlers, and didn’t think having older children could be as good. Tim and I would joke that I would take care of the babies and he would take care of the teens. But I have to tell you, now that we have older ones, life at this stage is so beautiful. I am so incredibly blessed to have a houseful of children, spanning almost 19 years. The little ones are sweet and wonderful, but watching each child develop into the unique person the Lord created him or her to be is just awesome.


mrsd said…
Kara said…
We call it soccer because we play it with a soccer ball and you get points by scoring goals with it. There just isn't any kicking involved =)
Anonymous said…
Kara may be a good riding partner but I bet she doesn't know the difference between a howl and a whoop on the downhill slopes. :) Want to ride next week while your daughter is in Turkey?
Anne said…
B -
Absolutely! Just let me know what is good for you. (And Kara is boring in that she doesn't either howl or whoop.) - A

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