Cedar Bluff

Sunday afternoon the weather was glorious, so we took an expedition to Cedar Bluff, a nature preserve near our home. This is our favorite place for a quick hike not only because of the proximity, but also because hidden from view of the road (where it looks very unpromising) are a lovely creek and rocky bluff. Afterwards we dropped over to Lake Monroe so the kids could wade. Tim and I had fun remembering another March many years ago when we went wading at the same flooded beach, but ended up swimming in the frigid water.

Next week, if the weather cooperates, we are hoping that our small group will come hiking with us at Cedar Bluff before our Bible study. If any of you are reading, what do you think?


Kara said…
I vote yes. Even if I'm not technically part of your small group... =)
Rebecca Nugent said…
Count us in!
Anonymous said…
I'm ALWAYS up for a hike anywhere!!

Heidi Bayly

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