Kara and Ben


Kara said…
The hysterical thing about this picture is, of course, that we’re studying Rousseau. Not only that, but it was Emile. The book written by the wicked man who made his mistress give each of their five children to an orphanage and then had the gall to pretend to know things about children. And who in reality knew nothing about them…

(Book one:44-46, 48)
“The child has hardly left the mother's womb, it has hardly begun to move and stretch its limbs, when it is given new bonds. It is wrapped in swaddling bands, laid down with its head fixed, its legs stretched out, and its arms by its sides; it is wound round with linen and bandages of all sorts so that it cannot move. The child is fortunate if it has room to breathe and if it is laid on its side so that any water which should flow from its mouth can escape; for it is not free to turn its head on one side for this purpose.
The new-born child needs to stir and stretch his limbs to free them from the stiffness resulting from being curled up so long. His limbs are stretched indeed, but he is not allowed to move them. Even the head is confined by a cap. One would think they were afraid the child should look as if he were alive.
As a result the internal impulses which should lead to growth find an insurmountable obstacle in the way of the necessary movements. The child exhausts his strength in vain struggles, or he gains strength very slowly. He was freer and less constrained in the womb; he has gained nothing by birth.
Might not such a cruel constraint influence their humor as well as their temperament? Their first feeling is one of sadness and of pain. They are confronted by obstacles with each necessary movement. More miserable than a criminal in chains, they make vain efforts, they become angry, they cry. Their first words you say are tears. I believe it. You thwart them from birth. The first gifts they receive from you are chains, the first treatment they experience is torture. Having nothing that is free but their voice, why wouldn't they use it to complain? They cry from the pains that you give them. Thus fettered you would cry louder than they.”
Hind's Feet said…
I really love this picture and keep coming back to enjoy it.

One, it reminds me of my first days with my preemies. But, two, it shows me a "complete" Kara--showing a number of the abilities God has graced her with: love for children, patience and gentelness when needed, a very bright mind, an ability to multi-task (good preparation for mothering), and a beautiful person in so many ways.

I definitely feel blessed to know this special young lady and am doubly blessed to know her mom and to learn from her. Thanks for sharing!

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