Top Ten Things To Do When Snow-Bound

Compiled by Andrew, Kara, Kristen, Jonathan, Peter, Amanda, Faith, Paul, Ben, Tim and Anne

Our family, like myriads of others around the country right now, is snow-bound. Here are some of the things we’ve been doing to pass the time.

10. Play out in the snow with sleds and (for those who have them) cross-country skis.

9. Dig the cat out of his snow-encased home.

8. Play Cranium, then make fun of Daddy acting like Shirley Temple.

7. Make a western-style gingerbread house village, complete with jail, train station, stables, saloon, post office, and outhouses.

6. Read Snow-Bound by John Greenleaf Whittier.

5. Take a nap. This is easy to do if you’ve doing #6 or #2.

4. Winnow the chaff from bookshelves.

3. Read some good bear stories. We’d recommend Uncle Tom Andy Bill by Charles Major, who also wrote Bears of Blue River. These Hoosier classics were written about 100 hundred years ago, and make fantastic fireside read-alouds.

2. Shovel the (long) driveway so you can get out when the plows finally make it to your corner of the county.

1. Cheer when the plow arrives.


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