Lists, lists, lists

Today I received a little gem in my mailbox. It is a collection of lists on homemaking topics from table manners to child training to organization. Since I’m supposed to be working on some homeschool book and software reviews, I don’t have time to write one of my long-winded blogs. Instead I’ll just share a few highlights from two of my favorite lists in this booklet.

From “30 Ways to Make a House a Home

4. Never apologize for disorganization and dust. Focus on being welcoming instead.
6. Freely share of your food and drink and spontaneously invite visitors to your meal.
22. Babies and children make a house a home. Make room for them and their play.

And my favorite:
15. Books on tables and shelves add warmth, interest, and a homey feeling to any room.
(In my opinion, no room is complete without a bookshelf.)

Excerpts from “Twenty Ways to Love and Honor Your Husband
(This list is worth the price of the book.)

1. Stay on his time schedule. If he is a morning person, work to become one too.
3. Find out what is important to him and work and pray towards that end.
5. Ask him often, “What can I do to help you?”
10. Make time to be alone and ask his feelings. “What do you feel about…?”
12. Let him know you root for him, pray for him, and believe in him.
13. Never say a bad word about him to anyone. Pray (privately) for him instead.
15. Greet him warmly: “Welcome home!” Say, “Thank you” and “I love you” often.
16. Help him to laugh, keep a sense of humor, and enjoy the funny side of life.
17. Dress to please him.
19. Don’t complain, nag, or manipulate. Rejoice always. Be cheerful and content.
20. Let him know he’s the only one for you and you’re glad God chose him for you.

From: Jenny’s Twenty Lists. ($6 ppd. Jenny Silliman, 931 S. 7th Avenue, Sequim, WA 98382)


Kara said…
A bookshelf? How many rooms in our house only have one bookshelf? How about cover the walls with books and everything is beautiful.
birdsinparadise said…
I thought your site was very fun and interesting to read! Fabulous job, very thorough and precise.

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