Some months ago I read a fascinating book called Mrs. Dunwoody’s Excellent Instructions for Homekeeping. At first blush this looks like an old book, written by a Southern lady, with hints and advice to her daughters about homemaking, cooking, raising children, marriage, and life in general. It includes a schedule for Domestic Chores, Rules for Small Children, and Favorite Garden Herbs, among sundry other things. Apparently it was common in past centuries for women to keep notes for their daughters which were called “Receipt” books. These included, but were not limited to, favorite recipes. In reality the Mrs. Dunwoody book is not a reprint of one of these old manuscripts, but a newly created knock-off. Still, it made for fun reading, and it inspired me. Maybe I should write something like this for my daughters (and future daughters-in-law), I mused.

Well, action is more difficult than thought. I’ve made some lists of things I would like to include, but where is the time to sit and actually compose? Still the blogging of my oldest daughter, Kara, has motivated me me. Maybe I should try, say once a week?, to sit at the computer and organize some thoughts. So here goes.

Oh – I have tried to think what this tome ought to be called. I have to admit that I am looking forward in the next decade or so (Kara hopes sooner) to becoming a grandmother. I’ve kicked around various titles for myself, and my current favorite is "Nonnie." So how about, "Nonnie’s Notes to Her Daughters" as a working title? Any thoughts on topics I should include?


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