Florida, Part II: Golden Beach, Venice, FL

While many Gulf beaches are known for shell-collecting, the Venice beaches are famous for sharks' teeth. Venice has an extremely long coastal shelf which allows these purportedly ancient teeth to wash ashore. To find them you use a tool called a "Florida snow shovel" to scoop up shells, sand, and maybe, just maybe, a shark's tooth. Over the week, Jonathan found sixty teeth, not all completely black which is supposed to indicate age.

So, if there are so many shark's teeth, doesn't that mean we might be swimming with the creatures? Probably. One day when the girls and I walked down the beach to the Venice pier, we watched as a fisherman reeled in a little hammerhead. Hmmmm.We've not seen sharks swimming with us, but on one day a pair of dolphins joined Tim and the kids for quite a while. It was stunningly beautiful to watch these graceful creatures (the flippered creatures, that is) cavorting together.


                                                            Sunset at Golden Beach


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