Unleashing my Inner Ms. Frizzle

Atomic symbol earrings on similar fabric

This school year, besides overseeing my two sons still at home, I'll be teaching science to a small class of 5th-6th graders at Cedars Christian School. I'm happy to report that we'll be exploring the two best sciences of all - chemistry and physics!

OK, not everyone agrees with this last statement. In my family, we've had some debates about the matter. Some hold firmly to Ernest Rutherford's opinion that "all science is either physics or stamp collecting,"  while others take firm exception.

Nonetheless, I'm super excited to be able to help these young ones see God's fingerprints in everything He created and set in place from atomic structure to Newton's laws of motion. Plus I want to introduce them to the joy of investigating physical phenomena. Oh, yes - I hope they come away with a bit more understanding of beginning chemistry and physics!

So we'll be doing some fun things like making atomic t-shirts, painting periodic table pillowcases, and making periscopes, along with more ordinary experiments and readings. Hopefully I'll also figure out some fun edible experiments, because what school subject isn't improved upon by some gustatory projects?

And then, there's Ms. Frizzle. It seems there's long been a bit of that mad science teacher lurking inside. In the past I've been known to sport DNA earrings and pi(e) day earrings. This summer, along with creating lesson plans, I've been working a bit more on the Friz part of things. I've found some adorable sets of geeky earrings such as the atomic symbol pair above and these Erlenmeyer flasks.

I now also have this cute pair of serotonine molecules, and a couple of other sets are still on the way. (The pair I'm planning to wear at Christmas are truly worthy of The Friz!)

Then there's the fabric. Cute, no?

Water molecules

These are all from a line called "Geekery," and I found them at a discount online store called Quilt Fabric Deals.

I bought enough of the purple H2O to make a skirt, but I only have half-yard cuts of the rest. What will I make with those? A purse? Notebook covers? Who knows?! Guess I'll have to wait for inspiration to strike!


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