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Lost --- And Found!

It was the second time he'd lost his wallet in the past couple of months. It didn't have much in it but a bit of cash and his driver's license, but no problem -- most likely he'd left it at a friend's house. Except that it wasn't there. So that night during devotions we prayed he would find it. I have to admit, as I did, I wondered if it was wrong to pray about something so mundane. Does God really care about such simple things as us finding a lost wallet? But more than that, especially as I prayed aloud again the next morning at breakfast, I felt like I was stepping out on a limb. What if God choose not to answer our prayers? Would that somehow diminish my two teen sons' trust in God?

That's not what happened. Because as this son thought about his steps, he remembered somewhere else he could possibly have lost it. It was a public place – a high school gym. So Tim traveled to the school, climbed the bleachers, and there it was! We all rejoiced in God…

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