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Advent Traditions

Traditions are funny things. Often we establish them without even thinking. We do something one year, and then again, and before we know it, it's an annual expectation. Sometimes we borrow a tradition from a friend. Other ideas we take from the internet. And of course many of our traditions we get from our families.

This past Thanksgiving my two newly-married children encountered a tradition with their new families that surprised them. Both of them married southerners, and they found that instead of a breadcrumb based stuffing like they were used to, cooks down south serve cornbread dressing. It's made with crumbled cornbread, lots of broth, and eggs. Kristen put together her new family's recipe, and she used a dozen eggs for two pans of dressing. Yes, twelve. Neither of my offspring were impressed with this traditional dish beloved of their in-laws. I'm fairly certain that my new son- and daughter-in-law will feel a similar dismay when they sample my sausage stuffing…

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