Crazy Kids

My kids have always liked playing games. But they often riff on the conventional rules and come up with their own. (This sometimes makes for confusion when playing with others not in on our house rules.) 

For example, last night they set up a tournament with five games going on simultaneously. I'm not exactly sure how it worked, but they seemed to have a great time doing it. When one game finished, they continued on with the others until all were finished. I think one had game was out of the play by the time I took this picture.

Outdoor games also often bear little resemblance to similarly named games others might know. This one is a version of "Golf," long a family favorite, played with tennis rackets and baseball bats instead of golf clubs. Oh, and a soccer ball instead of a golf ball. Yeah. The resemblance to its namesake is pretty minimal. I've never seen this particular hazard on the course before, but they never play the same way twice.

Hard to believe that two of these kids are in college and a third will start in a few months!


Kristen Wegener said…
How have I never heard of "Golf" before? After my time? Oh, and it looks like Peter is the ring master of the crazy. =)
Anne said…
Yes, you missed out on golf, which started with Jon on down. Maybe that set of kids has played more outside games than you older ones did? After all, they are the crew who ran "The Village" for several years.
Lara B. said…
Your kids are great inventors with lots of imagination Anne. How fun it must be to have them all home together! Looking back, I think my kids had the most fun when they simply made games up too.

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