Laundry/Mud Room

We've made some good progress on our kitchen/laundry remodel over the past two weeks. The kitchen is a week or more away from completion, but the laundry room is just about done!

I've spent probably way too much time looking at pictures of laundry rooms and mudrooms on Pinterest and Houzz. What I was looking for, but never quite found, was a mudroom that looked like it could live up to its name. We live on a farm, and we keep animals. That means the footwear (and paws) that comes into our house has often been tromping through muddy fields and not just walking on relatively clean pavement.

In designing our laundry/mud room, I wanted to meld functionality with aesthetics. (If it's a pretty place, I'll be happier spending time there, right?)

Here's what we started with:


And here's what it looks like now:


Here's what we did:

1. Replaced the 20 year old vinyl floor with tile. I love it! It's so easy to clean!

2. Painted walls light purple.

3. Replaced open wire shelving with some upper cabinets taken from the old kitchen. (Painted with Sherwin Williams "Snowbound.") Now I have cabinets devoted to cleaning, laundry, animal, and craft supplies.

4. Painted door gray to match the floor. The old white door never stayed clean. My hope is that this color will disguise the dirt better.

5. Sewed new ironing board cover. I was thrilled to find this home decor fabric which ties the various colors together!

6. Replaced plastic milk crates (boot and shoe storage) with these white metal shelves. Once upon a time, we had as many as nine crates for shoes, but our smaller family at home requires fewer places for muddy footwear.

7. The really muddy boots land on a boot mat under the utility sink. Speaking of utility sinks, boy do I love our which gets heavy use for cleaning after painting and craft projects. It was looking really grungy, but after lots of scrubbing, the grossest stuff came off, and I realized that if we replaced it, we'd be back to the same place in no time, so this one won a reprieve.

And here's a sneak peak at our kitchen remodel:

Our new cherry cabinets with Amanda's faux marble backsplash in progress


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