School of Prayer (Prayer - Part I)

Chemistry building, Indiana University

I've been attending school recently. No, not in the building above, though that's my alma mater.

This school doesn't meet in any particular location nor have any set schedule. And while it was something I'd been thinking about for a long time, somehow I just couldn't find the time for these lessons. In the end, I didn't register myself for this class, but the Lord, in His kindness, opened the classroom and welcomed me in.

What school is this? Oh – the school of prayer.

It's not that I wasn't praying before, but my prayer times were shallow and haphazard. For months I'd known something needed to change. And then grief struck, turning our lives upside down when one of our children left the faith. Suddenly finding time to pray wasn't the question; spending time with my Father became not a necessary duty but my very lifeline.

Pond at the IU arboretum.

Several tutors have aided my lessons. Sermons by Charles Spurgeon have been (are) immensely instructive (and hope-giving!) Amazon has a Kindle version of 40 of his sermons on prayer. I'd also recommend Paul Miller's very practical  A Praying Life: Connecting with God in a Distracting World, a recent book by a father of six grown children, one of whom is severely autistic.  

So much of what I've read has been helpful. More than helpful. Revolutionary may not be too strong a word. For the first time in maybe forever, focused, systematic, meaningful prayer has become a daily and vital part of my life.

What part of my lessons should I talk about with you? I've been mulling that over for months. I'd like to share some of the good things the Lord has been teaching me, both practical helps and encouraging words. How can a busy mom find time to pray? How should I pray for my children? My husband? Others? How can I pray without ceasing?" What's the relationship between prayer and the sovereignty of God? I don't guarantee I'll hit up every one of these topics, but I hope to visit most of them over the coming weeks and months.


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