Our snake friend, of more likely, one of his cousins, has decided to make his home under our back porch steps. Today was a perfect day to sunbathe.

Yes, this is outside the door I use the most, on the path to the garden, compost pile, and clothesline. Some years are just more snaky than others.
4 Responses
  1. Kara Says:

    Hahaha! Well, at least if you kill it now it will be easier to dispose of the corpse :-)

  2. Anne Says:

    Not necessarily...

    I don't know if I should say this since it is a beneficial snake, but your dad did try to exterminate it. (We'd already tried encouraging it to move elsewhere with moth balls.) However, it was not an instantaneous death blow, and the snake slithered back under the steps. So we don't know whether it is still living or not, but I can tell you that I, for one, am now very careful before stepping out of the laundry room!

  3. SarahD Says:

    Thanks for the parsley log idea! I'll have to try that this year.

  4. Anne Says:

    Parsley logs were my favorite herb discovery last summer.