Taking a Little Break

If you've been reading this space for any time at all, you know I'm not the most prolific blogger. No daily posts for me. Not even regular weekly posts, much as I'd like to hit that target. Real life, with all its unpredictability, comes first as I care for my family and other responsibilities.

Real life is pretty intense right now. My dad is having significant health issues, requiring a hospitalization, surgery, ER visit (Sun.), and (as of today) admission to a rehab program. I'm still trying to keep our family going, teaching the youngest four, giving standardized tests, and  (woefully inadequately) helping my husband with some business decisions. Things have begun slipping through the cracks, something that happens most when life is getting out of control. I'm feeling like that fainting lady in the picture above.

SO... I'm going to take a bit of a break from writing for the next few weeks. There are a bunch of ideas rambling around my head, but I just can't do them justice now. After we finish school (and hopefully my dad begins to feel better), I'm planning to tackle these topics:

-  The low-down on spelling
-  How do I feed my family when food makes me want to gag?
-  Organizing home school materials
-  Christian biographies for kids
-  Prayer series - the whys and hows for busy moms
-  Figuring out Fractions

In the meantime, we'd appreciate your prayers for strength and wisdom as each day requires.


Emily@redeemedreader.com said…
Praying! Hope your dad is doing better and maybe the summer will be a little saner. God bless!
Anne said…
Thank you so much for praying, Emily! I'm happy to report that my dad is much improved, and all of us at home are happy to be transitioning to summer activities. (Still crazy - drivers' ed, summer internships and jobs, and so on. But a wonderful change nonetheless!)

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