Off Our Needles

December finds our house buzzing with projects. We're knitting, sewing, painting, and woodworking. The "elves" have some pretty interesting things in the works for their sibling exchange. (Elves' projects 2012; 2011.) Most of what we're up to,  I can't show you yet. But here are a few projects that have come off our knitting and crochet needles which won't give anything away.

Amanda has been whipping up some large, sturdy crocheted baskets using up odds and ends of worsted weight yarn. She doesn't really use a pattern, but I think they are something like this one. She crochets with two strands of yarn to give stability to the baskets. They make great containers for ongoing projects.

(Amanda's baskets sit on a table she made from a pallet.)

A few weeks ago I completed this Eliina shawl for myself:

And here's one Christmas gift. Shhhh! It's for Jenny, but I don't think she's reading blogs yet. You can find the pattern for Knubblechen doll, along with all the other patterns, at Ravelry.


Michal said…
Tell Amanda I LOVE the baskets!
Pandabear said…
Actually I used this pattern,

glad you like them, Michal =)

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