Summer Goodness in a Jar

Even better when it can be canned on a rainy 70-something day. Loving this summer's weather!
2 Responses
  1. SarahD Says:

    When I was a child lying in my bed on hot summer nights, it was not uncommon to hear the "pop" of a ball jar lid sealing in the kitchen. If we were all awake, sitting around the living room and we heard the noise, my mother would briefly look up from her knitting and murmur, "that's grace." So I grew up believing the theology that "grace" meant the canning was sealed properly. I'm not sure my definition has changed that much since then...

  2. Anne Says:

    I love it! As we were finishing the peaches today, I told your story to my children. I've always loved the popping of newly canned jars, but more so now with the story of your mom's words. Likely I'll not hear the pop without thinking of this. Thank you, Sarah.