Purdue Commemencement 2013

So far we've been able to score two-for-one on our Purdue graduations!


Back in 2007 Andrew and Kara completed their undergrad degrees together. (Kara saved some money by squashing her classes into three years.)

2013 Kristen and Andrew with John Purdue himself.
(Kristen earned some snazzy tassels, too, but hadn't received them by the photo shoot.)

Deciding that it was such a good thing to have an older brother watch out for his younger sister, we made Andrew stay at Purdue for another six years so he could be there for his next sister's Purdue tenure.

No, not really. As an undergrad Andrew found a wonderful professor to work with in the electrical engineering department, and stayed on for his PhD as he dove into research in radar that both sends and receives. He works for the military. There. That pretty much exhausts my knowledge of his research. (But - tada! I will possibly be more enlightened after reading his thesis, which I will do this summer!)

We had a lovely weekend in West Lafayette! Besides attending the two commencements plus Kristen's nursing pinning ceremony, we also had a wonderful time celebrating with Andrew and Kara's church and lab friends at a cookout at Andrew's house.

And here's our family (minus Kara and crew) on a pillar of one of Purdue's beautiful fountains. From the top: Ben, Paul, Tim, Peter, Kristen, Andrew, Jonathan, Faith, Amanda, and me.


David J. Wegener said…
Great job, Andrew and Kristen!

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