On My Design Board

Quilt in progress for our newest grandgirl due in January

Alright, my "design board" is just an old piece of felt I had sitting around in my felt box. Up to this point, I've always just arranged quilt pieces on our dining room table, but being able to look at them vertically makes a big difference. With the felt (or flannel, or whatever sort of sticky fabric you have handy), it is a breeze to smooth the pieces on, and then rearrange to find a more pleasing arrangement.

I've been crazy about batik fabrics for quite a while. Playing with the bright colors always seems to make me smile. These are from the Connecting Threads Batik Paradise Summer collection.

Straight blocks or on-point?

Hmmm - how about diagonal with deep purple setting blocks?

I'll be fiddling with the arrangement for a while, deciding what to do about borders, and which of the four extra blocks (not all are up) I'm going to toss. As long as its finished by early January, I'm good.


I really like the on-point arrangement, and the fabrics are just beautiful! If you're using the term "toss" literally, please toss any leftovers my way! ( :
Annie Curell said…
The bright colors make me smile too!

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