Red River Gorge/ Natural Bridge State Park, Kentucky

The Red River Gorge area in Kentucky which includes Natural Bridge State Park is a delightful outdoor adventure place. It's located east of Lexington in the beautiful Daniel Boone National Forest. We've made a number of trips through the years including a short visit recently that Tim and I took alone. (When we started waffling on whether we should go or not, our children practically kicked us out the door.) It was a wonderful time of relaxation for the two of us.


Red River Gorge is filled with many stone arches and weird rock formations. Climbers love the place because the Gorge offers so many great climbs, but it has lovely hiking trails as well. The best map we've found is the contour map published by the National Forest Service. You can purchase a copy at their Gladie Cultural Center in the Gorge, or order one at this site.

From atop one of the ridges. The smile on my face is the result of the astounding 11 hours of sleep I had in our State Park Inn room combined with enjoying God's creation with my sweetheart.  

While we were away, Kara and Collin and girls stayed at our house, and they all enjoyed a hike at one of our favorite nearby destinations: Cedar Bluffs.

Faith, Amanda, Kristen with Annie, Jonathan, Paul, Ben, Kara, Collin with Laurel

The cameraman in the other photos, Peter


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