Good Books

World magazine senior writer, Janie Cheaney has teamed up with Emily Whitten to write a new blog about children's literature, Redeemed Reader Blog : "Kid's books. Culture. Christ." This pair of women, one a former and the other a current homeschool mom, tackle both newly published books and classics, giving readers insightful, thought-provoking reviews on such volumes as Jane Eyre, the Percy Jackson series, and the current Newbery winners. I like the different perspectives that come from one of the women being on the older side of things and the other just starting out as a parent. It looks like it is going to provide some excellent leads on new books plus some warnings about others.
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  1. Grace Halsey Says:

    Thank you, Anne! This looks really interesting and helpful.

  2. Thanks from us at Redeemed reader, too! I read through some of your articles and bookmarked your site. You have a nice way of capturing the beauty of motherhood in all its gory details. Thanks!