Audrey's Garden Quilt

My sister and brother-in-law adopted a beautiful, lively, and happy little girl from China in December. This weekend we met sweet Audrey for the first time!

Here are a couple of pics of the quilt I made for Audrey. It's a simple churn dash pattern made in floral prints. It looks like a garden to me, so I call it Audrey's Garden. 

Now that I've finally finished Audrey's quilt, I can start making one for Kara and Collin's new baby who is due mid-August. The question is, should I go with the really cute design I have in mind, even though it is one that will be decidedly more appropriate for one sex than the other? (OK, Tim and I both think the baby is a boy!) On the other hand, maybe I should play it safe and work on two quilts, one for a girl and the other for a boy. That option, I fear, is rather more ambitious than I can pull off, however. So, what do you think?


Kristen Wegener said…
It's a boy. Make the boy quilt. :)

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