And We Think We Spend a Long Time in the Kitchen...

Do you ever feel like you never get out of the kitchen? Feeding hungry people three times (or more) every single day requires a lot of work. But then again, we have it easy compared to women of previous eras.

Yesterday my kids and I watched a video on the History CookIt website which features a historical reenact-or baking bread as a Tudor woman would have. My children and I were amazed at the steps involved, beginning with sifting the flour through a fine cloth for two hours! It certainly gives me new appreciation for all those household helpers I have, not least of which is an oven that I ignite with the press of a few buttons and it heats to a predictable temperature. (Oh yeah - it has a door that I don't have to soak in water and seal with a flour/water mixture!)
4 Responses
  1. MaryVela Says:

    Anne, where do you buy Prairie gold white wheat flour?

  2. Anne Says:

    Hi Mary,

    I buy Prairie Gold wheat berries, and then grind it to make flour on an as needed basis. The grain stores well for long periods of time, so I usually buy 150# or so, but ww flour doesn't keep long unless you freeze it.

    Most recently we joined with a friend who placed an order from the Dutch Pantry in Oden. Their phone number is 812-636-7922. We paid $27.50/50# in December. I've also placed orders with the Black Buggy in Washington, IN. I think we paid $32/50# bag the last time we ordered from them.

    I hope you are doing well! Maybe we'll run into each other at Aldi again soon!

  3. MaryVela Says:

    Thanks so much Anne-I love reading your blog-it's sooo helpful-though I'm getting older and have no children at home I want to always keep learning and I like to pass on information of value to younger wives and mothers. God Bless.

  4. I passed the link on to my sister who home schools. Thanks for posting it. :)