No Knead Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day (more or less)

Mother Earth News has a great article in the current issue on baking artisan bread in five minutes a day. The entire article can be found here. This recipe makes fabulous crusty, sourdough- flavored loaves, and the process couldn’t be easier.
The gist of it is that you mix up a batch of dough without kneading, let it rise once for a couple of hours, then store the dough in your refrigerator for up to two weeks. You take out enough for a loaf any time you want to bake and will have some crusty fresh bread in a little over an hour. As the dough sits in your fridge it takes on an increased sourdough tang, but we’ve certainly enjoyed the loaves we made when it was fresh as well. (I’ve been using ½ whole wheat and ½ white flour and making larger loaves than in the recipe.)If you like to bake, or even if you don’t, you might want to give this bread a try!


Terri said…
Dear Anne,

I've been doing this also for some time and I've never let it rise first before putting it in the container and in the frig (more time-saved!)

I find that you can even have fresh cinnamon rolls in minutes as well. I use the french bread dough for that also. Roll out the chilled dough, brush with soft margarine, sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar and roll up, cut and place in greased muffin pan. Put the pan in the oven and THEN TURN ON the oven to about 400 degrees. AS the oven heats, the rolls rise. They have a better texture from being in the frig slowly rising.

I have never tried keeping the dough for as long as two weeks though. I'll be trying this.

I've stopped doing the french loaves, just break sticks. Cut off a pool ball-sized piece. Roll it into a short snake and then twist it. Lay it on a greased sheet that has sesame seeds sprinkled on.

Enjoy your baking. Love, Terri
Terri said…
meant to say "bread sticks" not "break sticks". Bye!
Anonymous said…
Hi Anne,
Thank you for sharing this! My first attempt was a failure (too much rye flour and not enough white) but the second batch is terrific. I do find that I need to let it rise for much longer than 30 minutes to get the texture right. I have been shaping loaves and then letting them sit for about 2 hours while I go about my other tasks.

I am going to try making boiled bagels with it. It seems to have the right texture. Also looking forward to trying French bread since I had given up on making that.

Always appreciate all of your spiritual insights. I still want to be you or Jill Crumb when I grow up!

Love in Christ,
Rita Sleys
Anne said…
Terri - Yummm! The cinnamon rolls sound delicious. I'll have to try some. I haven't baked 2 week old dough either. When our stove was out for a week I had some that old and it looked gray and disgusting. The oldest we've made was 1 week and it was plenty sour for our tastes. Still good, but sourdoughy.

Rita - How good to hear from you! Are you still running a B&B in NY? How is your family?
Let me know how the bagels turn out. I agree- the dough does seem like it might work for that.
Anonymous said…
Hi Anne,

The French bread was delicious! The bagels were also very good. I followed the technique listed in Baking with Julia. A lot of steps and still a bit time consuming, but, hey it's slow at the Rosemont Inn right now!

We are finally coming into our own in the B&B business! 2008 was our best year yet and I am so looking forward to 2009, despite all the challenges. In the 8 years since we left Bloomington the Lord has been leading us through the desert. In 2008, we finally crossed over into the promised land! The Lord has been with us the whole way, as He always is, but it has been very trying.

One of our greatest blessings has been our 4 year old daughter, Faith. Seeing our other children mature in the faith and desire to "own" what they have been taught since infancy has also been a great blessing.

Sorry to hear about the loss of your grandchild. I know that the comfort of the Lord is yours, as it has been mine over many years of loss. Woe to those who must face these things without the knowledge of His loving kindness, mercy and grace.

Anne said…
Rita -

We looked at your inn on your website. Absolutely gorgeous! Tim, Kristen, and I were all watering in our mouths at the sight of your breakfasts! I love the comments your guests have made about the sweet young helpers.

So good to hear about your children growing in faith as they've walked with your through good times and hard ones. I know what you mean. Though I really miss the days of my children being little (my youngest, Ben, is 5 now), seeing your older children walking with the Lord is such a blessing.

Kara and Collin found out last week that she is expecting again, for which we are all thankful.

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