The Big Picture

“Who’s the main character in the book of Joshua?” I asked the girls I teach on Wednesday nights.

It was a trick question, and most of them caught it. While a few said, “Joshua,” most answered, “God!” In our Bible survey course we’d already discussed how GOD is the main character in every part of the Bible, even in Esther where He is not mentioned by name at all. One of my purposes in teaching this class is that the girls will begin to see the big picture of what God is doing throughout time. It’s easy for children to gain a decent familiarity with Bible stories and still lack a cohesive idea of how it all fits together.

Sunday school materials, especially for the younger crowd, often don’t help here, emphasizing discreet Bible stories but not showing man’s need for redemption, or explain what God was doing in the Old and New Testaments to call out and redeem a people for Himself. As I wrote in an earlier post, some books and S.S. curricula are even omitting the Fall and man’s sinful nature, as if this is too difficult or troubling for four year olds to grasp! I don’t think my children are that unique, and none of them have had any trouble recognizing their own sinfulness . Rather than be discouraged by the fact that they do wrong things, even little ones can be encouraged that there is a solution for their dark hearts. And without knowledge of our sin, we have no need for a Savior. In addition, in Children’s Bible story books, sometimes truth is sacrificed in order to create an easy to understand text.

Enter The BIG PICTURE Story Bible. This book is unlike any other Bible story book I have even seen! Rather than just retelling lots of wonderful Bible stories, the author here, in simple words, shows God’s redemptive plan from Genesis to Revelation. Yes, you will read of Adam and Eve, Noah, Moses, David, Lazarus, Nicodemus, and John, but throughout you will see God shining as the main character. You will read of how God kept his promises over and over and how Jesus fulfilled everything that God had written about and planned from long ago. As wonderful as the text is, the pictures are just as compelling. Bold and colorful, they have lots of kid appeal without resorting to sentimentality. (The angels who announce the birth of Jesus to the shepherds almost look frightening! But not enough to upset your three year old.)

I love what the end cover says about the author:
As a church-planting pastor and father of five, David Helm joined his confidence in God’s Word and his respect for the spiritual capacity of children to write this book.

Don’t sell your young children short spiritually. Read them God’s Word straight up, but when you look for Bible story books be selective. The BIG PICTURE Story Bible is a great addition to any family’s library!

P.S. You can get a great price on this book at one of my favorite homeschool suppliers, Timberdoodle.


Rosie said…
We have just begun using the big picture story bible for James (2 1/2) at bedtime. And it is such a joy to hear him ask for more God when we are trying to wrap things up. Thank you for continuing your blog I really enjoy it and have learned so much from reading it.

Rose Anderson
Anne said…
Dear Rose -
It's hard to believe your little guy is 2 1/2! His description of the book is right on, too. Any chance you and Andy and James will be back our way any time soon? Please let us know if you are coming - we'd love to have you over!
- Anne

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