Am I ever glad to have my husband and daughter home...

Tim and Kristen finally made it home Thursday, two days later than expected. They were tired (especially Kristen, who almost immediately went to bed and slept for almost 18 hours), but full of stories to tell of the things they had heard, seen, and experienced. They were welcomed joyfully home by the younger children who had decorated the house with streamers and signs. Ben was so happy to see his daddy that he turned somersaults.

Amanda wrote this poem:


East, west, home is really the best -
You don’t have to go on a quest.

East west, home is the best –
There are no pests.

East, west, home is the best –
Sometimes there are sock fests!

East, west, home is the best –
Because it’s where you live.

There are so many reasons I’ve been reveling in the return of my loving husband, wise father of my children, and godly head of our home, but today I came up with a new one.
I started to write the story, but it got long. So here’s the short version: Beware of turbo cleaning. You can cause huge plumbing disasters if you knock off the water inlet pipe to a toilet. When this happens, it is most advantageous to have a handy husband nearby. By the way, melting snow on the stove makes for a cumbersome substitute for running water.

Tomorrow I hope to write about what Tim and Kristen and the team did their last few days in Thailand while they were in the mountains. For Tim, at least, this was the highlight of the trip. I'll try to post some pictures, too.


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