*The Home Educator's Tutor*

As I sit at the computer, I’m listening to a CD I received today along with a new homeschool magazine I’ve just subscribed to, The Home Educator’s Tutor. The selections of folk music, hymns, and classical music (Schubert) are a wonderfully peaceful sound to my weary soul, worn down by a very full week.

I subscribe to a blog-ring called “Classically Eclectic,” and that term is the most accurate description I can give to the homeschool philosophy we follow. We incorporate many classical ideas such as following the Trivium, teaching Latin, studying world history chronologically, incorporating classics throughout our studies, etc. We also employ a number of “Charlotte Mason” ideas such as nature study and narration. The Home Educator’s Tutor is a resource rather than a how-to style magazine, and it should be a good fit for both classical and Charlotte Mason homeschoolers. It is especially helpful in providing tools to facilitate teaching arts. Besides the music CD, you'll find a biography of the selected composer, full-color glossy reproductions of paintings from one artist (plus a bio), poetry for different ages of children, literature to read, a Shakespeare tale retold, and much more in the jumbo-sized magazine. Should you want further information, check out their website or try this review from Tivium Pursuit.


Anonymous said…
Is this publication still available? I did a search and found nothing.
Anne said…
Alas - no. I probably should remove this post! I really enjoyed this publication for the few brief issues that I received. Unfortunately, they rather suddenly stopped publishing. My subscription was never completed, and even though I wrote asking for the back issues they were offering for others in my situation, I did not get those either.

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