Classical Academic Press and Headventureland

The clever folks at Classical Academic Press have been producing top-notch homeschool curriculum for several years. Combining humor with sound pedagogy, they have come up with some of the best materials for teaching Latin, Greek, Spanish, and Logic to children as young as Kindergarten. I’ve been through several years each of at least three Latin curricula (Canon Press’s Primer Series, Latina Christiana, and Lingua Latina) and have just completed an in-depth review of Rosetta Stone’s Latin program for Practical Homeschooling magazine.) None of them, in my opinion, hold a candle to CAP’s Latin for Children series written for elementary kids, and the newer Latin Alive series developed for junior and senior high students. Last year my little boys used CAP’s Song School Latin and we’re gearing up to tackle a bit of Greek. Today, Amanda zoomed through the Greek Alphabet Code Cracker, which I'd bought to use with Paul and Ben next year. Having mastered the alphabet, she's itching to take on a full course. For some fun, check out the promo video for the Codecracker book! My older boys have also been working through CAP’s Art of Argument (informal logic.)

While I could rave about the user-friendliness of the materials, the quality of the corresponding DVDs, or the excellent grammar instruction, the humor and lack of pretension sets apart the CAP products from many other classical materials. One of my complaints about classical education (and I subscribe to many tenets of this philosophy) is that too often its adherents are stuffy and just plain arrogant. Not so with CAP. Thus for this, plus their excellent materials, they win my support. I eagerly await each new product.

Most recently, CAP has come out with a free website called Headventureland which offers videos, stories and (best of all!) games to help students review their Spanish/Latin/(Greek) vocabulary. The Flash games have been a huge help for my children who are studying Spanish and Latin. If you're using one of the CAP courses, you'll love this site. And even if you're not, you might find it fun to explore. Bravo Headadventure and Classical Academic Press!


Kristen Wegener said…
Amanda is now writing on Buzz in Greek, =)

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