Songs for Saplings

Sometimes while cruising the interwebs, you waste a lot of time. Occasionally you land on something really worthwhile. Tonight I happened to learn about Songs for Saplings, a family group who make music for little ones. There are six Songs for Saplings albums currently out, and all teach Biblical truth with fun, easy to learn music. Many, many of the songs incorporate Scripture directly. Four of the albums focus on catechism-type questions, one teaches verses based on the alphabet, and the last has songs about numbers.

You can download a number of the songs free, or purchase digital downloads for $6 per album. Physical CDs may also be obtained. You can download a free collection sample of songs here, or try any particular song by clicking on that album. They even offer free sheet music with chords.

But rather than try to describe the music, why don't you take a listen? I've purposely picked two topics that could be more difficult ones to communicate in song.

Here's one called "What Does Every Sin Deserve?" a catechism question:

This one is from Vol. 4 which covers the Ten Commandments and more. This is the 7th Commandment:

Nice job, Dirksen family!
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  1. Anne Says:

    I forgot to mention the Songs for Saplings "Scratched CD Policy."
    From their website:

    Scratched CD's
    Scratches? Dents? Peanut butter?

    We know how it is. We have kids too.

    If your CDs get damaged in any way and become unplayable, just mail us a check with note in the memo line telling us which CDs you want along with a check for $3.50 and we'll mail you new disks. You can have as many titles replaced in one order as you like.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I just learned about Dana Dirksen this week!! A good friend of mine has her "Questions with Answers" ones.
    Another CD that was highly recommended was Steve Green's Hide 'Em In Your Heart (there is a Vol 1 and a Vol 2, but you can buy 2-for-1 on Amazon for around $15-16).

  3. Anne Says:

    Our family has enjoyed the Steve Green CDs, too!

    One of my very favorites is "Without Complaining (Phil.2:14) : Do everything without complaining! Do everything without arguing....

    Very catchy and easy to sing a appropriate moments. :)